Rift has everything an artist needs to make an incredible sounding record that is completely unique. We have an extensive collection of new and vintage microphones, amplifiers and instruments, with a Trident console and top-of-the-line Pro Tools HDX system. More importantly, Rift has the ‘holy grail’ of all New York studio commodities – space. We have a devoted loading dock for your gear, and the capability to set up a full band in the enormous live room while simultaneously isolating amplifiers or individuals. Everyone will have their own space and their own headphone mix, and you will have access to our fully customizable colored lighting system that will change to suit the vibe of your project. All the gear in the world means nothing if you, the artist, aren’t completely comfortable.


Mixing with us will breathe life into your music through blending sounds in the digital world with some of the most sought after analog outboard gear. We can provide a natural clarity to your mixes that let the instruments speak for themselves or give you a gritty, sludgy, huge rock sound. We can then run it through one of our tape machines to add the glue that compresses the mix together. Above all else, our goal is to deliver to you a product that you are proud of while also meeting the standards of today’s music industry.

Stem Mixing

We like to offer stem mixing for those who have recorded and mixed their own project. If you send us the various stems that make up the track, (i.e. drum stem, bass stem, guitars stem, keys stem, vocal stem), we can run them through the Trident console, through choice pieces of gear, through the tape machine, and print them back into Pro Tools. We’ll provide you versions with and without EQ/compression and with and without tape. This is a fast and inexpensive way to beef up your sound with vintage tube gear and tape, without having to break the bank and buy it all yourself!


Mastering is an art all on it’s own. We can certainly “make it loud” but our approach is different for every song. By running your mixes through beautiful sounding analog gear, as well as using hi-fi plugins, we can retain the dynamics and integrity of your mix while giving it the processing it needs for CD, vinyl, and digital release.


No matter what stage your project is in, from infancy to near completion, we can provide direction and the tools to get it done. We can help bands tighten songs, cut the fat, add harmonies and develop melodies, or simply provide you with a perspective as an unbiased, experienced, third party. We can guide your musical style towards new horizons and establish a new, unique sound for you. If needed, we have a vast network of outstanding session musicians as additional support. As no two projects are the same, contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your project.