Our Equipment


Trident Series 70 (28 channels, 16 bus)

Multi-Track and Monitoring

Pro Tools Ultimate HDX
Logic Pro X
Lynx Aurora 16 converter
UA 4710d digital conversion (8 Addl inputs)
Apple Mac Pro 6-Core Intel Xeon 3.46 GHz with 32 GB of DDR3 RAM.
Dangerous Monitor ST with Remote
(2) Yamaha NS-10M Studio powered by CLA-200 amplifier
(2) Adam A7
(2) JBL LSR6328P
(2) Genelec 1031a
Behringer POWERPLAY P16-I System
Behringer POWERPLAY P-16D Distribution System
(6) Behringer POWERPLAY P16-M Monitor Box

Additional Recorders:

ReVox PR99 MKII (Studer)

Preamplifiers and Equalizers:

(2) SSL 9000J Channel Strips
UA 4710d – 4 channels of Tube “Twin Finity” pres
Avalon 737
Orban Parametric Equalizer 622B


Teletronix (UA) LA-2A
Focusrite Red 3 Dual Compressor Limiter
API 2500 Bus Compressor
UA 1176 Black Face
Hairball Audio 1176 Black Face
Summit Audio TLA 100
(2) Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X
(2) dbx 160XT
(2) dbx 160A
(2) Symetrix 501
Shure M267


Vintage Neumann U67 (circa 1967)
Warm Audio WA-47 (U47 Clone)
(3) Neumann U 87 Ai
(2) Neumann UM 57 (Tube)
(2) RCA 74b
RCA 77-D
(2) AKG C414 B-ULS
(2) AKG C214
Peluso 22 251
(2) Audio-Technica 4050
(6) Neumann KM 184
Sennheiser MD441
(4) Sennheiser MD421
(2) Electro Voice 635a
(2) Oktava MK-012
(2) Oktava MC-012
(2) Rhode NT5
RCA MI-6206
Altec 633 “salt shaker”
(2) Shure SM7B
Shure Beta 52A
(6) Shure SM57
(4) Shure SM58
Shure SM57 transformerless mod
Electro-Voice RE-15
AKG D112
(2) Audix D2
Audix D4
Audix D6
Audix I5
(2) Royer R-121 ribbon
(2) Cascade Fathead
MXL Genesis
CAD Trion 7000 (ribbon)
(2) AT 871r (boundary mics)
(2) Coles 4038


Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
Hammond M3 with Leslie cab
Wurlitzer 206
1925 Estey Pump Organ
Schoenhut Toy Piano
Williams Allegro 2 (88-key)
Baldwin Fun Machine *rental*
Magnus Chord Organ *rental*
Mellotron 400 *rental*
Optigan *rental*
Jenco 4 Octave Celeste *rental*

Guitar Pedals:

EarthQuaker Devices – Full collection
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
Fulltone OCD
VOX Wah Pedal
Outlaw Effects – Various distortion
Boss – Various FX

Instrument Amplifiers:

Leslie 670 cab with Trek II preamp
Fender Blackface Twin Reverb (Circa 1965)
Fender Princeton Reverb
Fender Blues Jr III
Fender Deluxe 112
Fender Concert Reverb
Fender Super Reverb
Fender Frontman 25r
Vox AC30
Orange Dark Terror
Orange Rockerverb 50
Mesa Boogie Express 525 (Under repair)
Silvertone Model 1333
Pignose 7-100
Marshall 1960a cab
Custom 1×12 cabinet with Celestion Anniversary G12H30 speaker
Ampeg Classic MICRO-VR Stack
Gallien-Krueger MB150 bass amp
Acoustic B20 bass amp


Gibson Les Paul Standard (1990)
Fender Tex Mex Telecaster
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Jazz Bass ’62 reissue
Kramer bass
6-String Banjo
Custom gas can guitar


1960s Gretsch Round Badge with 22″ kick, 16″ and 13″ toms
DW Performance Series kit with 24″ kick, 16″ and 12″ toms
Ludwig Acrolite Snare 5×14″
DW Collector Series Snare 6.5×14″
Tama Rockstar Snare 6.5×14″
DW Performance Series Snare 6.5×13″
Goldtone Snare 5×14″
Percussion includes: shakers, tambourines, wood blocks, cabasas, and many more.


SoundToys Bundle
Slate Digital Trigger and VBC
Crane Song Phoenix II
Metric Halo Bundle
Valhalla Collection
UAD Plugins
Celemony Melodyne Studio
DMG Audio Equilibrium
Waves Mercury Bundle
Izotope Bundle
FabFilter Total Bundle
Many More…